Photo of Howard Schneider, private investigator in southern California

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SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES, a premier private investigative agency, provides the finest investigators and investigative tools to the insurance industry, risk managers, third party administrators and attorneys to fight insurance fraud across the nation; as well as providing all investigative needs.

Based in southern California and providing service to clients across the United States, SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES was created by Howard Schneider who has over 35 years in the field. He is a recognized expert and frequently called to speak at conferences across the nation. His seminars, including "A Commonsense Approach to Identifying Fraud," has been recognized around the country.

Contact SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES whenever you need to have an investigation performed professionally and discreetly.

SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES can be reached by phone at 818 419 8140, or 805 494 0370, or emailing at       Read full article

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Prediction: 'Coronavirus Scammers to Create Massive Insurance Fraud Claims'

Today in Los Angeles, California, Howard Schneider, private investigator and nationally known SIU Fraud Investigator gave notice to the Insurance Industry of potentially massive fraudulent insurance claims as a result of scammers bilking insurance carriers and making false claims during the Coronavirus."

Schneider said, "We are living in one of the most precarious periods of our lifetime. Americans are dying and we do not know when this pandemic will end. We have seen the best of our fellow Americans during this time and we continue to see heroes every day."

Despite the cooperation of all Americans, Schneider went on to say, "We are beginning to see how a failing economy leads to increasing claims. We saw this during the great recession of 2008 — 2009, when the desert surrounding Las Vegas became known as the graveyard for SUV's. American then could not afford these gas guzzling vehicles and had them torched, then filed a claim, wiping out their exorbitant monthly payment."       Read full article